Austin Charity Shield 2015

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Austin Charity Shield 2015

It is that time of year  for our charity match. We are again playing the Liverpool FC Supporters of Austin. The tally is 1-1, and this year is for a trophy!

We are supporting the Aztex Soccer Foundation this year. We are all supporters of various soccer clubs, but this charity supports our local soccer community!

Aztex Soccer Foundation, the charitable arm of Austin’s professional soccer team, is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit which serves economically disadvantaged youth through educational scholarships, field development and refurbishment, and school programming. We are proud to utilize soccer as a vehicle for giving back to the Austin community.


Date: June 6
Match: 9:30am, Onion Creek Soccer Complex. 9:30am
Reception: 12:30 pm. Black Sheep Lodge. 2108 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

All proceeds go to Aztex Soccer Foundation. It is $30 to play, and $10 to attend the Reception. Black Sheep Lodge will have beer specials and we will have some appetizers to snack on.

We will then be hanging out and watching the Champions League Final.

This is a great event and I think we can grow it in future years to include Supporters’ groups from all over Austin.

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South by North London

We would like to cordially invite you to the Arsenal Texas (or any state) Meet Up! We are planning several fun events starting the afternoon of Friday, April 10th and ending Sunday, April 12th. Just because you are not from Texas doesn’t mean you are not welcome. We are still working out all the details but expect a great Austin experience that includes: Arsenal game on Saturday at The Tavern, the outdoors, good food and good drinks / night life. It will be very laid back, just like our fair city. Once we work out all the details we will post them here. We hope you can join us!

Keep an eye on for full itinerary.



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2014-15 Midseason Update

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Happy New Year everyone!

I know that we have a  lot of new Austin Gooners this year. Our FA Cup win combined with the World Cup has once again increased interest in Arsenal as well as soccer worldwide. Here is an update on where Arsenal sits, as well as the Austin Gooners.

Interesting first half to the season. We ended up with some big signings with Alexis and Welbeck, and key players in Debuchy, Chambers, and Ospina. We also lost Fabianski, Sagna, Vermaelen and, most importantly, The Greatest Striker That Ever lived, Nicklas Bendtner.


As usual, injuries are the story of the season. I won’t go over them. Don’t want to get injured doing so.

The Arsenal sits at 6th place in the Premier League at 33 points. League leader Chelsea sits tied with Manchester City at 46, but up on something. Not sure what exactly as they are tied on top three metrics.  (Edit: apparently it’s because when teams are completely tied, it is just listed alphabetically. ) Spurs are in front of us, but we all know how that goes when they start talking about the gap…

For those new to Arsenal, there are additional tournaments that we are involved in throughout the year. These are completely separate from the Premier League games and standings. In order of importance:

  • Champions League: Arsenal qualified for the Champions League by finishing fourth in EPL in 2013-2014 (A trophy!) and winning a playoff game against Besiktas to advance to the Group Stage. Through six games against our group, we came in 2nd and advanced to the Round of 16 in the Knockout Phase as a Runner-up. We drew Monaco. This round is a home and away series, with total goals deciding it. In case of a tie, away goals will count. These games will be played on 2/25 and 3/17, with the winner advancing to the quarter-finals.
  • FA Cup: Today we won the FA Cup Third Round match against Hull City. This was a big rematch between Arsenal as the FA Cup Champions and the runners-up. The draw will be tomorrow (1/5) for the Fourth Round. The FA Cup is one of the best competitions in the world, with teams of all the English professional leagues eligible. Watching one of the big teams like Arsenal play in a 2000 seat stadium is one of the best things you can watch. Unless we lose. Which we do sometimes.
  • League Cup: This is commonly referred to by its sponsor. This year it is the Capital One Cup. In the past it has been known as the Carling Cup, and the Worthington Cup. You won’t hear many people refer to it besides the following: Current sponsor (Capital One), League Cup, Milk Cup. It takes I think the first four divisions of English Football. We suck at it and we are out of it. Don’t ask. Not worth it.

Additional Items:

  • Austin Gooners: This year we had scarves made which will fund the group for the year. Part of that was buying a flag for our members to take with them when they visit other branches or the Emirates! If you are going somewhere, just ask Miles, Bobby, or myself. Also, we funded a prize for our Holiday Raffle benefitting a local charity. We will have window/bumper stickers soon as well.
  • Arsenal Texas Meetup: We will be hosting a meetup weekend with other Texas branches on April 11. Details coming soon, but it should be a great time to meet other Gooners from around the state and the country.

So great to meet so many people this year. One great thing about the Austin Gooners is that there are so many fun people to talk to. When I first started following Arsenal, this group helped me to get into the team, and understand how things work. If you ever don’t understand something, just ask anyone that seems like they do! One thing Arsenal supporters love to do is talk about the team and the history and the rules and their opinions of Wenger. We also love to show how much we know. :)

Let’s bring a couple of trophies home this year.

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Arsenal v Chelsea and our Holiday Happy Hour

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Join us this Monday at 2:00pm at The Tavern on 12th and Lamar for Arsenal vs Chelsea! This is a huge match and you wont want to miss it! Arsenal look to go top of the table once more, but it will not be an easy game. Arsene Wenger has never beaten Jose Mourinho, and what a better time to change that! Call in sick or take a half day off and join us to cheer on the mighty Arsenal! Once the game is over we will make our way south to Black Sheep Lodge where we will have our annual Holiday Happy Hour! The drink specials will be $3 Texas pints and $3 Texas liquor! They also have fantastic hamburgers! In addition to awesome company, we will have the brand new Thierry Henry Legend documentary on the big screen! And when that one is finished, we will have the Dennis Bergkamp Legend documentary! It will be tons of fun! We look forward to seeing you there!

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Raffle on Nov. 10th beneffiting The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation!

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Gooners! Mark your calendars because next Sunday, November 10th we will be having a raffle to benefit Gooner On The Road’s cause, The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation! The raffle will be held after the Man United game at The Tavern! If you did not get the chance to meet Pete when he was here, he is a great guy and you can learn more about him at!

Tickets for the raffle will be $3 each or 5 for $10. The way it will work is we will have 3 different pots to put your raffle tickets in. The prizes are:

Pot 1 (Restaurants / Food Trailers)
Gift certificate to The Peached Tortilla trailer
Gift certificate to Cow Tipping Creamery trailer
2 free ice creams with crushin’ from Amy’s Ice Cream
$15 gift certificate to Thunder Cloud Subs
$25 gift card to P. Terry’s
$30 gift certificate to Magnolia Cafe
Dinner for 2 at Chuy’s
2 $25 gift cards to The Tavern
2 $25 gift cards to El Arroyo
2 $50 gift certificates to Abel’s North

Pot 2 (Arsenal swag)
2 Match Day Programs from the 90’s
Arsenal America Scarf
Arsenal flash drive
Arsenal key chain
Arsenal seat belt covers
Arsenal wallet
Arsenal ear buds
Austin Gooners koozies

Pot 3 (Arsenal shirts)
Arsenal hoody (medium)
Arsenal Vancouver shirt (large)
Arsenal Kentucky shirt (medium)
2 Arsenal kits from the 90’s
Arsenal home kit 12-14 (medium)
Gift certificate for your own Arsenal kit!

As you can see we have some awesome prizes! Not to mention we play Man United that day, you wont want to miss out!

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Austin Gooners celebrating at The Tavern

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Every wonder what it is like to watch a match with us? Well, enjoy this video clip from the Arsenal v Napoli game as we celebrate Giroud’s goal!  It’s not bad for a mid-week game when everyone was working! If you have never joined us, it’s way better than watching by yourself! We hope you can join us Saturday, October 19th for our next gathering!

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Arsenal 3-1 Stoke: 10 Random Thoughts

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We scored from 3 set pieces! And two of them were headers! It seems not too long ago we were the ones being scored on from set pieces and not scoring them, especially against the likes of strong, physical teams like Stoke.Speaking of set pieces, how bout that boy Özil?! Hopefully he can teach the likes of Theo how to take proper set pieces. In only 2 games he is leading the league in assists! I can’t wait to see him after 10 more games for us!

Flamini has ben a fantastic signing! I know lots of people have slagged him off, but his physical presence was amazing, he was all over the Orcs, breaking up play and protecting the back 4, etc. Plus rumor has it he told a Stoke player after he fouled Jack Wilshere to not touch Jack again or else “I will blind you”

So happy that Aaron Ramsey scored against the rugby lads. It’s been one hell of a roller coaster ride since his injury a few years ago. Great to see him put it behind him. Best player this season for us. I wonder who he was shushing after he scored.

Kieran Gibbs has also been immense! From man of the match against Marseille mid week to another solid performance, the lad has been doing well. Let’s hope he can keep it going.

Serge Gnabry had a decent game and looks a very good prospect. He still needs some work, but held the ball up well and even had some decent crosses. Not bad for his first premier league start!

I’m not a big fan of Mark Hughes, but the way he has transformed Stoke to be more of a proper football side is impressive, plus I just despise Tony Pulis. I’m so glad I don’t have to look at him, I just want to punch him in the face!

Not Arsenal related, but Austin Gooners related, The Tavern had a fantastic breakfast buffet for us, they even made cool signs for us. I tip my hat to Gerorge the cook, who did all the work by himself after another cook failed to show up. A  few of us went to the kitchen to say thanks by cheering for him

I wish Giroud would have scored, but just because I love the man. Have you seen his hashtags on instagram? If you’re looking for a good laugh I encourage you to check them out.

It was great to see Sagna on the score sheet! His goals are few and far in between, but is a fantastic player who looks to be back to his former self. Let’s get him a new contract AW!

Right, that was harder than I thought!  I had to go back and watch highlights and the press conference to get my 10 thoughts! The mid week game is not televised so we will not be having a watch party. Be sure to join us Saturday as Arsenal take a trip to Swansea at 11:30am. COME ON ARSENAL!

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September Matchday Trial at The Tavern

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For the month of September 2013, the Austin Gooners will be testing out match watching at The Tavern. Never too far from 12th and Lamar!

Saturday 9/14 @ Sunderland, 9:00am
Wednesday 9/18  @ Marseille, 1:45pm
Sunday 9/22 v Stoke City, 7:30am
Wednesday 9/25 @W.B.A, 2:00pm
Saturday 9/28 @Swansea, 11:30am

Come on out and let us know what you think!

922 W 12th St
Austin, TX 78703

Google Maps


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Arsenal v. Tottenham: 10 Random Thoughts – That Was Sweet Edition

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1-0 to The Arsenal. That was exceedingly sweet. But not sweet like, “man, that was too sweet for me, I never want to taste that again.” It was sweet like ambrosia (not that weird fruit salad my Mom used to make).

What a fantastic win, what a fantastic atmosphere, what a fantastic day.

Here are my tend random thoughts:

I said to a friend before the game that I believe Arsenal have the best “team” in the Premier League. We are way to shallow in squad depth, other teams have better players in certain positions, but I think we are overall the best “team” when we have our starting XI.

It was great to see Flamini on the pitch for Arsenal. I think he is going to fit in well.

Thank God Jack wasn’t hurt. And he just had a case of the scoots.

Speaking of Jack, I can’t wait to see him at his best. He’s still pretty flat right now.

Arsene looked like a kid in a candy shop at the end of the game. Steve Bould looked like his cat just died. It was an odd dynamic.

I think Ramsey is going to be Arsenal’s most important player this season. I didn’t say best, I said most important.

Nacho scares the crap out of me. Maybe he just needs a run of games.

What a fantastic team effort. Everybody contributed and played with great energy and enthusiasm.

Szczesny is quietly having a very good early season. Not counting Villa, of course.

Cazorla looks like he plans to grab the PL by the scruff of the neck this season. He’s also shorter than Rosicky, which isn’t easy to do.

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Arsenal v. Fenerbahce: Ten Random Thoughts – Even More Desperate Edition

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Well, that was both good and bad. It was great to see this Arsenal team qualify for the group stages 16 years running, but it would be a massive kick in the balls to lose Podolski, Wilshere and Ramsey for ANY stretch at all.

It kind of makes our desperate situation with players even more desperate – if that’s even possible. Fingers crossed no one is too banjaxed. That would just suck even more.

Here are my ten random thoughts from today’s game:

Ramsey. Yes, I’m singing his plaudits again – from the rooftops.

Cazorla looks back to normal. Fiery. Focused. Determined. Full of rage.

Injuries <sigh>. Last week players couldn’t stop looking like Massive Headwound Harry. This week players are getting Tonya Hardinged (or is it Nancy Kerriganed?).

We play beautiful football. On our day, we are unstoppable.

Nacho makes me nervous. Yes, warm body and all that. But am I the only one that feels this way?

Jack is going to get targeted all season long.  I’ll be surprised if he makes it through the entire season without an extended stint on the treatment table.

Lots of support at the game. Was great to see such a wonderful atmosphere.

Bruno Alves is a dick. It just needed to be said.

Was good to see Ryo on the field. He needs games. Badly.

Podolski. Before his injury, was playing like the Podolski we all want to see. Lots of energy and fight.

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Arsenal FC in Austin, Texas

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Thanks for visiting the official website of the Austin Gooners. We are loyal and active supporters of the Arsenal Football Club. We normally gather for matches at The Tavern, located at 12th and Lamar in the downtown area of Austin.

Outside of match days, we regularly get together for other social events, including happy hours, pick-up games, and holiday parties. We’re also committed to giving back to our community through various charitable activities. Please look at our mission to find out more about our supporters group.

If you’re a fan of the greatest football club in the world, please come join us.

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